ALICE's Story

Heavy Metal Powerhouses ALICE Taking The Metal World By Storm

While the Metal world has seen an unusually high number of new bands of late, one of those bands stands head and leather-studded shoulders above the rest. Hailing from the mild-mannered state of South Dakota, ALICE has slammed onto the Metal scene and taken the music world by storm. ALICE comes comprised of a group of musicians with pretty impressive credentials under their grommeted belts. Lead vocalist David Arngrim is a former member of WALKING AND BLEEDING and RAPTOR. Bassist Derek Dean is formerly of WRACKED. Drummer Mark Malloy left long-time band DREAMING IN BLACKNESS to join ALICE. Lead guitarist Jamie Goetz came to ALICE after his project DAMAGED DIAMONDS ended. And rhythm guitarist Jerrod Lee found his way into the band after his band, ICED EVIL, broke up.

Arngrim and Goetz first met as students at Davidson High School in Dunbar, South Dakota. They shared a love for Metal music and often discussed forming a band together. It would be several years after high school and a number of bands between the two of them before a chance meeting in a club Sioux Falls brought them back together and those talks of forming a band together took root. They started working on writing some songs together as well as choosing a few covers they wanted to play. Then they set out to find the remaining musicians to round out their band.

As it turned out, the rest of the band found them. Malloy and Lee had been on a similar path, practicing and writing together after things ended with their former bands. They hooked up with Dean when a mutual friend introduced them at a DEAD TOYS concert. The three of them were looking to form a band. In the meantime Dean was working as a pizza delivery driver. One Saturday afternoon he made a delivery to Arngrim's house where Arngrim and Goetz were practicing and the rest, as they say, is history. The five of them met up that week and began practicing the following weekend. From there, the gigs came fast and before they knew it, ALICE was opening for national acts as they came through South Dakota. It was one of these opening gigs that earned them an offer to go on tour with world-famous Heavy Metal band DREAMS OF DAMNATION. A year later, they were headlining arenas and stadiums themselves.

Today, ALICE is at the top of the Metal charts, selling out concert halls everywhere, and enjoying the rock star life they set out to create as high school kids.